Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free

Technical Featheres

Sealed Construction : SUNNY’s unique construction and sealing technique ensure that no
electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or cases of any SN batteries. This Feature
ensures safe and efficient operation of SN batteries in any position.
Absorptive Glass Mat System : SN batteries make use of fine mat separators (glass fiber)
where in sufficient electrolyte in absorbed to provide longest life and steady service.
This system prevents escape of electrolyte from the separator which causesleakage.
Gas Recombination : SN batteries incorporate a unique design that effectively controls
generation of gas and allows recombination of over 99% of gas generated during the normal use.
Maintenance-Free Operation : During the expected floating service life of SN batteries there
is no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte, or add water, which means they
require no maintenance service.
Position-Free and Leakage-Free : The combination of the sealed construction and the use
of absorptive mat separators permits operation of SN batteries in any position without loss
of capacity, electrolyte, nor service life. The SN batteries are made to operate in any position.
Low Pressure Venting System : SN batteries are equipped with a safe, and low pressure
venting system, which operates at 7 psi to 10 psi, automatically releasing excess gas in
the event that gas pressure rises to a level above the normal rate ensuring no excessive
buildup of gas in the batteries. Safety valves are automatically released once the pressure
is return to normal rate.
Heavy-Duty Grids : The SN heavy-duty lead-calcium alloy grids provide an extra performance
and service life in both cyclic and floating applications even in deep discharge condition.
Cyclic Life : Depending on the average depth of discharge, over 1,000 discharge/recharge
cycles can be expected from SN batteries.
Float Life : The expected life of SN batteries under float (trickle charge) use is 3 to 5 years.
Low Self-discharge/Long shelf life : At an ambient temperature 20 ํC (68 ํF), the self-discharge
rate of SN batteries is only 3% (approx) of rated capacity per month. The low self-discharge
rate permits storage of SN batteries for up to one year without significant loss of efficiency
or appreciable deterioration performance.
Operating Temperature Range : SN batteries may be used over a board range of ambient
temperatures permitting flexible system design and location.
High Recovery Capability : SN batteries have an excellent charge acceptance and recovery
capability even after deep discharge



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